Monday, 1 June 2009

Blog neglect

I can only appologise for my serious neglect of blogging activity over the last month...if it makes you feel happier, I have not been on holiday, in fact I have been on placement at TBWA in Manchester. This meant relocating to a shared house with no internet facilities for four whole weeks!

How on earth did I ever manage without the internet? I honestly believe I was suffering from some sort of withdrawal, like I had lost a limb. Does this make me a sad internet geek that needs to get a grip on reality and think about possibly getting a life? I hope not.

Anyway, I now reside back in sunny Wales with a relatively fast (as fast as the valleys will allow) internet connection and will resume normal blogging duties. In fact with my lack of internet I have resorted to jotting lots of ideas/rants in my journal and will update my blog with any content deemed interesting/entertaining very shortly.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Racist milk (yep, its as stupid as it sounds!)

I do sometimes wonder what kind of person it takes to make the time and effort to complain (ridiculously) about an ad. Don't get me wrong, some ads do overstep the mark and are rightly banned. I can also understand why some react so passionately about shock type ads concerning sensitive issues...what I CAN'T understand is why on earth someone would seriously make a complaint about a milk ad for apparently being racist! The adverts message is made clear enough...purification, i.e. the milk is filtered. The cow is not symbollic of a person and they are not suggesting that to be pure you have to be white...seriously! Mountain, molehill?!

Thank goodness the ASA recognised the ludicrousy of the complaint and have cleared the ad of breaching any codes. I suggest that the complainants in question find a hobby...attend a yoga class...

I absolutely love this ad but probably more because I am a bird/animal enthusiast rather than its groundbreaking strategy. You can't fault the creative idea, its so simple and brilliant. I didn't think that the execution fitted all that well with the concept/campaign line though...'squash made from naturally sourced ingredients, be natural', I suppose you could make the link that the squash is so natural that even a bird wants to drink it, but I still think this is a bit weak. Its such a shame because this could have been a really great ad, instead it just feels like some team has had a great creative idea and then tried to make it fit the strategy instead of the idea coming from the strategy.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Probably the best ever...

This is the stuff of dreams surely...a hotel room that is in fact a restored boeing 727 placed amidst the treetops in the Costa Verde National Park in Costa Rica.

The plane was salvaged from San Jose airport, where it had been left in state of disrepair after years of service for South Africa Air and a Colombian airline called Avianca Airlines. Five trucks were used to transport the aircraft piece-by piece to the depths of the Jungles of Manuel Antonio where it was then transformed into the luxury two bedroom suite.

Sod staying in a treehouse in Turkey...I want to stay in a plane up in the trees in Costa Rica!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Dave Trott on present state of creativity.

I think he gets to the real crux of the argument at the end of the interview where he highlights that it is in fact the public and the audience who are best able to determine the effectiveness of ads and not an industry judging panel. Its clear to see that so many campaigns are produced today specifically to win awards which, forgive me if I'm wrong, but is not the actual aim of advertising. Advertising is marketing, the general purpose is to increase roi/market share/awareness, not to win awards that most consumers have no idea even exist.

The age old question...What is a brand?

On my quest to bag my first job in advertising I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked, "so, in your opinion, what is a brand?", and even though I do think I have a firm grasp on the logistics of a brand in my mind, for some reason I always seem to struggle getting this across coherently in words and generally end up fumbling around the issue like an idiot!

Anyway, I came across this presentation on the Digital Buzz blog and thought it offered some nice insights into brands and brand building...and I am totally going to steal their definition as I can say it without sounding like I am regurgitating a marketing dictionary!

Herakut: awesome street painting duo.

I recently discovered some work by Herakut, I love the way that they work together and fuse their styles and the results they get are stunning. The use of photo-realism blended with the more abstract shapes and forms generates truly amazing pieces, how anyone could claim that this is vandalism and not art is beyond me!

I am absolutely gutted that I missed them performing live in London...I only hope they make a return visit some time soon.

Further reading:

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Friday, 3 April 2009

Aaaaaargh, enough with the awful in-house ads already!

After all of the steps forward advertising has taken with understanding the consumer, recognising the importance of a solid strategy, and exploring the potential to entertain....these stupid and painful to watch, in-house, amateur ads are taking us mammoth strides backwards!!

Obviously companies need to tighten their purse strings at the moment but you can't just ignore years of research and advancements in advertising and simply bash out make-do alternatives. A smaller budget doesn't have to mean crap ads, it just requires creative thinking to determine the best way to get maximum impact out of that budget.

Note to clients:

1. Ditching your ad agency may save you money in the short term but it will cost you in the long term!

2. Shit ads will not sell your product! Fact!

Got to love the Northern Soul...

A friend from Falmouth introduced me to Northern Soul, she's a brummy and has been going to Northern Soul nights for years. I love the fact that everyone just gets together and dances all night in their own little space...absolutely brilliant. I am really hoping to get along to one of these nights some time soon, think I may have to practice my moves before hand though!

I am a daydream believer

Asleep in the garden by ~Minefeldt on deviantART

After reading an article discussing the productivity of daydreaming I decided to do a little digging.

I myself am a compulsive daydreamer, my mind is forever wondering. Writing reports and essays at University was always a difficulty as my attention span would rarely exceed 45 minutes. Whilst I very much enjoy escaping reality, I have always considered my daydreaming nature to be a weakness, at least when thinking in terms of employability. However, it would seem that my mind wanderings could actually be boosting my creativity and productivity. Who'd have though it eh!

Apparently, most of us daydream for at least one third - one half of our day, everyday. Daydreaming has been termed as our 'default mode of thought', the default network is an area of the brain that becomes very active when we are not focused on the outside world and our brains are in a state of wakeful rest. Rather than responding to the outside world, our brains begin to contemplate their internal landscapes, allowing us to engage in abstract imaginative thought, making new associations and connections that we would otherwise not think of.

With this in mind, it is undeniable that daydreaming and pleasant mind wandering is something of a necessity amongst planners and creatives... let me quote some insightful chaps from the University of California;

"The generation of fanciful possibilities can lead to the discovery of new and useful solutions to a problem. While daydreaming about one thing, it is possible to stumble into a solution to another problem, i.e., fortuitous recognition of analogies among problems is possible. Daydreaming occurs in the context of an episodic memory which is constantly subject to revision. Each time a problem is examined, new information may be available that will enable a better, different, or more creative solution. Ideas generated while daydreaming often provide the initial inspiration for a creative work and further daydreaming." (

I rest my case.

(Further reading if your interested:

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Strategy is key!

Jeremy Bullmore: In praise of Antinomies from JWT on Vimeo.

Really interesting and relevant presentation by Jeremy Bullmore. There have been quite a few campaigns of late that been very creative but lack any real groundbraking strategy, the best ads are those that manage to happily marry the two. I am a big believer in the notion that design without strategy creates art and design with strategy produces results. From my experience I have learnt that the answer almost always lies in the research. It is the research that supplies the invaluable nuggets of information that inspire and allow the creative solutions to blossom.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The sun is shining!

I can only apologise for the lack of posts over the last week, sunshine is very scarce in Wales as I'm sure you've heard and I simply had to make the most of it...

If ever you find yourself near Gower in South Wales I do recommend that you visit a beach called three cliffs in Pennard (see above), bit of a walk but certainly worth it.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bad media fit.

Being the advertising geek that I am I couldn't help noticing the Big Yellow Storage panel ads whilst watching the England v France match today (very well played by the way). I found this choice of medium to be a bit of a strange and ineffective choice for Big Yellow Storage. I just don't see how the brand and the service that they offer fit with the placement. I'm confident that not many of the rugby goers would have been in the frame of mind where they were open to comms from a storage company. Its such a specific service, surely their money would have been better spent targeting audiences in an environment where they are likely to be more responsive e.g. the ideal home show.

This reminds me of a Rory Sutherland talk I attended where he spoke at length about the importance of context. Identifying when to target someone is just as crucial as identifying who it is your talking to. Your communications will surely be more effective if your talking to someone when they actually care about what your saying.

Personally I think that to profit from mediums such as rugby and football panels you need to be a big, strong and well established brand such as O2, Nike or Coca Cola. The fans are there to watch the sport, they're not really going to take in any complex messages. With a brand such as O2 you can simply have the logo and campaign line and that is enough for them to have a significant presence during the match, I just don't think this applies to a brand such as Big Yellow Storage.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) starting to reach its full potetnial?

Personally, I've always considered SEM to be the somewhat unglamorous side of digital advertising (thats not saying that I do not recognise its value and potential), however, it seems to be gaining more and more media attention recently, and I've definitely noticed an increase in specialist search agencies and positions available within search marketing based roles. The fact that we are amidst a gloomy recession coupled with the relatively cheap cost of running an effective search based strategy has undoubtedly influenced SEM's popularity.

I can see now that I may have been a little naive in classing SEM as being completely 'un-creative', yes there is an absence of any real creative content, however, I believe that the true challenge lies in thinking creatively in order to boost search engine optimisation (SEO).

The recent attention also seems to have people thinking about how this medium can progress and develop. Yahoo Search have launched 'rich ads' in search which allows brands to include video and image ads within paid search results. This development also opens the door to creative content which is surely a good thing?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

All things small and wonderful...

What is it about miniature versions of things that is so fascinating?! It could be anything, a mini envelope, a mini umberella... its nothing new, these are objects that we encounter in everyday life on a daily basis, but make them tiny and hey presto, endless amusement! I love Slinkachu's 'little people - a tiny street art project', ( I bought the book and my smile just seemed to grow and grow as I turned each page until it progressed into an impressive ear to ear grin (everyone on the tube was trying to sneak a peek!)

Friday, 6 March 2009

The new Skittles website has caused uproar in the social media community over the past week. They have transformed their website into a sort of social hub, trying to encourage consumers to interact with the brand and its content in their digital 'comfort zones'. The 'hub' encorporates all of the most influential social media frameworks; Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Wikipedia.

Its difficult to determine whether this was a good or bad move for Skittles. The site has generated a massive buzz but on the whole the sentiment is pretty negative. Ordinarily I would say that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about but I'm not so sure if this is the case with social media.

Having Twitter as their homepage backlashed somewhat with people tweeting things such as 'are skittles making paedophiles obese?' So instead they now have facebook as the homepage and Twitter can be found under chatter.

The whole issue begs the question, 'are brands welcome in digital social spaces?' One of the main appeals of social networking is the fact it is all user-generated content, a supposedly corporate free environment , however, with the massive influence that social media has had on our lives it is inevitable that brands want to tap into this consumer goldmine.

The thing is brands need to tread very carefully with how they approach entering the social media world; those seen to be stumbling around ignorantly will surely get their asses kicked!

I think the key is to keep your communication personal as this is a crucial element for social networking sites. Take Twitter for example, brands who have reaped any sort of benefit from this are those with real people at the other end... e.g. Scott from Ford or liveguy from Vodafone.

Social media = scalable intimacy

Mike Troiano has some really interesting views on social media, I recommend you check out his blog (

In his manifesto he writes how Social media is not about CPM. It is about investing in relationships that create more measurable economic value than they cost. It is about engaging with the individual people who collectively decide whether to buy or not buy your product, like it or dislike it, recommend it or trash it, share it or ignore it.

If this is true then social media undoubtedly calls for more open, honest and socially responsible companies. A brands actions/behaviour dictates its success. Brand ethics and values need to be filtered effectively throughout the company in order to generate a consistent brand image for the consumer.

Basically, social media has given consumers a voice, and if you treat your customers badly then prepare yourself for the consequences.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Creatives grow better in the South West...Proper job!

This video has made my day...absolutely bloody brilliant!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Most loved and most hated ad of the week

Most Loved...

What a great ad! Okay, creative content is not exactly revolutionary (although great choice of soundtrack!) but the sheer power that the brand will have exerted if they actually managed to get consumers to follow their advert across three TV channels is phenomenal. I am guessing that they will have found a way to track ratings on the channels in question to ascertain the effectiveness of the ads...I can't wait to see the results.

If this series of ads does prove to be a success it will have achieved something truly great. Never before have I seen a TV ad where consumers/viewers can actively engage and participate. Something that all advertisers are striving for is to get their consumers actively engaging with the brand and seeking out communications rather than blocking them out, however this is ordinarily only possible with the Internet.

I do hope that others don't jump on the 'synchronised' bandwagon as the whole notion of following an advert across channels will surely lose its appeal pretty quickly.

Most hated...

To say that I hate these ads would be the wrong choice of words...I actually really love the art direction and copy, but what exactly is the strategy here? And do we really believe that these pretty posters are going to have any impact on how people drive their cars? I think not.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!

...or happy Saint David's day to those of you that don't understand Welsh!

I felt it my duty to post something on my country's patron saint, however due to serious levels of sleepyness as a result of a friends birthday last night, I will keep this short and sweet!

So, for the most of us ('us' being fellow Welsh countrymen and women) the day consists of donning our daffodils (girls) and leeks (boys), eating Cawl (Welsh national dish), singing a song or two, and more than likely drinking a beer or two (ironically, something which Dewi Sant would have frowned heavily upon!)

For those of you interested in the history I suggest you visit I recommend a goosey gander at the national costume, something which caused me much discomfort as a child!

Thats as much as my brain can currently withstand I'm afraid, so I must bid you farewell and a very happy St Davids day of course!

Friday, 20 February 2009

finally decided to jump on the twitter bandwagon

After originally not seeing the value of twitter (mostly due to the lack of my friends twittering) I have taken the jump and activated my account as of today! Obviously I am now somewhat of a late-comer and finding a username was an absolute nightmare! I vow to never be a 'late majority' ever again! I was trying for over 30 minutes and got failed attempt after failed attempt...even 'Idontknow', 'Imfedup' and 'Igiveup' have gone!! So I have resorted to a somewhat lame username le_treehugger. I do love to hug those trees!

Nation of borrowers - the recession, a harsh lesson!

Everyday I sit and watch the news, everyday I listen to them talk about the dramatic rise in unemployment and how we are sinking further and further into recession. It is quite depressing, but can't help thinking it has been a long time coming. We have become generation debt, borrowing way beyond our means not giving a second thought to the future. Saving seems to have become a thing of the past.

I was brought up in an environment where if you wanted something, you saved for it, none of this 'get it on credit' malarkey! Yes, okay, a mortgage is different, most people have to borrow to buy a property, but when did it become the norm to fully kit your house with all of the latest technology, purchase a car that is way beyond your price range, and to hit the shops regularly not giving a second thought to sticking it all on credit card? It seems that we have adopted this notion that nothing is too expensive once you break it down into nice manageable monthly payments.

But now the shit has well and truly hit the fan (for want of a better expression)! I think we can all agree that we are smack bang in the middle of a recession now, countless companies are going bust and unemployment just continues to rise and rise. Let me tell you, the dole barely covers basic living expenses let alone covering all of your debt!

Times are hard but lets hope that as a society we learn something from this economic crisis. Hopefully the recession will bring with it a new trend where people borrow only for necessities and save for luxuries.

Most loved and most hated ad of the week

Most loved...

I realise that the strategy is not exactly groundbreaking but I think this advert is a genius use of intertextuality. It just fits so well and that damn tune gets embedded in my head every time I see it. I think that 118 118 have done so well to build up a fun and iconic brand for what is ordinarily a boring service. The 118 118 guys have almost become a cult in themselves with their get-up becoming increasingly popular for fancy dress. Okay, the ad doesn't really lend itself to a long running campaign but as a one off I think its great!

Most hated...

I just don't understand how anyone could have ever thought that this advert was worthy of air-time, seriously, its just so awful. It actually makes me cringe...I'm guessing that whatever creative team came up with this is probably trying to erase it from their memory! I think most are agreed that the best ads come from a key insights, a product/consumer truth...someone tell me, where is the truth in this advert? What young child do you know that would actually notice, let alone care if the bathroom smells of 'bathroom' or 'soft petals'?! I thought that the aim was to get your target market to identify with your advert and the characters so that they can see how the product would fit into their lives. If this is the case then this advert fails miserably!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

MDMA anyone?

As much as I am enjoying the new series of Skins, I can’t help but think just how wrong it is. Skins has become such a cult and I dread to imagine just how much of an influence that it has on na├»ve and impressionable teens. The new series is running a very fine line between portraying reality and glamourising excessive drug and alcohol consumption, meaningless sex and violence. MDMA, spliff and neat vodka has never been so cool. Granted, most of them are pretty fucked and have some issues, but nevertheless, they seem to be having a whale of a time and I am even finding myself envious of some of their parties!

I’m currently sat firmly on the fence with this…on the one hand I believe strongly in freedom of expression, yet on the other, you can’t deny the influence that media has on our society and there is clearly a need for social responsibility…yep, I think I better just make myself comfortable!

Creative or just plain stupid?

Here are just a few examples of the question asked in some advertising grad scheme application forms...

WPP’s light-hearted offering:

Can frugality ever become cool? (max 250 words)

We have become a nation where everyone is talking about and trying to be ‘green’, be it recycling, shopping in charity shops or starting a vegetable patch. It amuses me that only a few years ago anyone caught participating in the above activities would have been classed a ‘hippy’, however, today, anyone thought to be ‘anti-green’ will surely be frowned upon. It would seem that these ‘hippies’ were in fact the trendsetters and innovators of the ‘environmentally-friendly’ era.

I believe that this new ‘green’ mindset combined with the current economic crisis will indeed bring about a trend where frugality will be cool. The need to save will no doubt give rise to a change in attitude towards frugality. A frugal lifestyle offers the opportunity to save money as well as gain some bonus points on the ‘green’ scale. Most supermarkets are already advertising discount brands as standard. Advertising does not set trends, but rather acknowledges what is cool and perpetuates it.

As with the attempt to be ‘green’, I do not feel that many will adopt frugality in its entirety. Most will experiment with the easier habits, however, those habits that require a greater level of change and dedication are never likely to be embraced wholeheartedly by the majority. Rather than making a conscious choice to be frugal, most are being forced as a result of their current financial situation but as economy begins to recover, I believe that they will be quick to neglect their newly adopted frugal lifestyle.

In 1973 E F Schumacher wrote: ‘All real human problems arise from the antinomy of order and freedom.’ If true, what are the implications for parents and managements? (max 250 words)

I believe that we all subconsciously battle with the antinomy of order and freedom on a daily basis, be it in a personal or professional setting. It is impossible to rate either one of the opposing laws as being more important than the other. The implications for both parents and managements would be the vital importance of finding the appropriate and most effective balance of the conflicting laws in order to maintain morale and loyalty, thus getting the best out of their employees/children. Parents must ensure that they provide their children with a balance of discipline, direction, morals and the freedom to play, have fun and learn from their own mistakes. Managements need to set boundaries and frameworks in order for the organisation to run smoothly but they also need to allow their employees a level of freedom so that they are able to use their initiative and feel trusted within the workplace.

Finding the best balance of order and freedom is especially important within creative agencies as due to their creative nature there is a danger that the law of freedom will be infinitely more alluring than the law of order. However, they must ensure that they do not choose between the competing halves, rather put both to good use, thus adopting a ‘one-and-the-other-at-the-same-time’ approach.

MCCanns Probing questions:

Britain has lost its sense of identity. Discuss. (150 words)

There is no doubt that Britain has changed dramatically over recent years, and many have struggled to come to terms with such change. I do not feel that Britain has lost its identity, rather its identity has changed. Britain has been welcoming to immigrants and as a result has a more ethnically diverse culture. I don’t think this a bad thing, in fact I think it portrays a British culture that we should be proud of. Britain’s identity lies with its people, if British people feel they have lost their identity then that is of their own doing and not that of the government. I consider myself British. Britain is where I live, and British culture is the culture in which I exist. I think that the problem lies not with a lack of identity, but with the inability to embrace change.

What have brands ever done for us anyway? (150 words)

We have become a nation that is obsessed with brands. We as consumers have complex relationships with the brands that we choose to use. We use brands as a form of identity and self-expression. Brands function as a tangible expression of self-image within the social environment, they offer us a method of differentiating ourselves within social groups. For example, surfers will more often than not only wear brands such as quicksilver, Billabong and Rip Curl as they are widely known as ‘surfy’ brands, whereas footballers will buy more sporty brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

You’re setting up a community on Pluto. Who or what would you take with you and why? (100 words)

My Community:
Alex Zane – Husband (Self explanatory).
Kings of Leon – Life is better set to music.
Chef and culinary explorer Valentine Warner – Everyone needs to eat and good food makes me happy.
My friend Liz – She always manages to make me smile.
Lee Evans – Laughing keeps you young.
David Attenborough – I’ve always wanted to meet him and pick his brains.
The whole cast of the Bill – Guilty pleasure!
Coen Brothers – Genius.
Mark Sloan (Diagnosis Murder) – He has both medical knowledge and a good nose for crime.
Last but not least my Mum – I think she’d quite like Pluto.

Iris graduate application question: Have safe sex. It’s what we tell thousands of 18-24 year olds on behalf of our clients every day. Where and when do you think is the best way to get the message out there?

We have become a nation where in order to meet a prospective partner you don your gladrags and paint the town red. I am sure if asked, most 18-24 year olds would say that they go out at the weekends to have fun, however they will inevitably be hoping to meet a special someone. This need, combined with alcohol, often results in one night stands, which is generally when unprotected sex occurs. They are having fun, alcohol has taken away some of their inhibitions and they do not fully consider the consequences. Therefore, I would say that the best time to target this audience is a) when they are on their night out and b) the morning after, when they may be regretting their actions. Adverts could be placed in clubs and bars, especially behind toilet doors. They could also be placed in taxi cabs, tube stations, bus shelters etc for the ride home.

I think it is also important to consider that almost every 18-24 year old is a regular internet user, and more often than not look to the internet for sources of information, therefore a digital aspect of the campaign would be needed.

I would also target high street shops, maybe fitting rooms. Most girls and boys will buy new clothes for nights out. While they won’t actually be on the night out, it will be in their mind as they will be planning what to wear. By talking to them then we may be able to prevent any unsafe sex and encourage them to think ahead and buy protection before they go out, get them into the mindset where condoms are an essential part of their ‘outfit’ when they hit the town. This could be transferable into digital with condom brands etc combining efforts with Topshop/Topman and advertising on their websites for when the audience is shopping online.

(I didn't actually get through to the first round of any of these I wouldn't advise that you take any ideas from my answers!!)

My take on advertising grad schemes...

I applied for a number of advertising agency grad schemes in 2008. Filling out the application forms was as time consuming as keeping up a full time job, with questions ranging from strange to absurd. I get that advertising is a sociable industry and the questions are designed to acquire an understanding of not only your abilities and skills but your personality also. However, I can’t help but think that some of the questions are trying too hard to be creative and ‘whacky’. An agencies application form is almost an advert in itself, trying to communicate their ‘fun’ brand to prospective employees.

I found it very difficult to know how best to answer the questions at first…you can’t help but think ‘right, how do I think they would want me to answer this question?’ or wonder how they will read into certain responses. But, at the end of the day you are playing a numbers game, and you’ve no way of knowing what sort of person will be reading your application form. My only advice would be to be yourself and answer all questions honestly, that way they won’t be able to tuck you up should you make it to a first round interview.

From my applications I had a handful of rejections (pah! What do they know!), two first round interviews and one second round. Surprisingly my success was with the two agencies I thought would be the toughest to get through; M&C Saatchi and DDB. My first round at M&C went okay and my DDB first round went brilliantly (or so I thought…), however, ironically, I then got rejected from DDB and made it to the second round of M&C.

Second round…hmmm, I had no idea what to expect being new to the whole graduate recruitment scene. It was an experience and I gained a lot from the day, however, I would not go as far as to say that I enjoyed myself, or had a whale of a time, least not until they brought out the beer! I know that I have what it takes to make it in advertising and my qualifications speak for themselves, but I couldn’t help feeling out of place. I was a welsh country girl in a room full of very well spoken and well presented Oxford and Cambridge students, don’t get me wrong, I have no prejudices against them and most of the people that I met were lovely, however I quickly realised that this method of recruitment may not be for me.

So, it came as no surprise when I didn’t get offered a place (still making it to the final 35 out of over 750 is not bad). My feedback was that I was a little quiet and somewhat of a shrinking violet. I was advised that I need to have more confidence in my abilities and that I am more talented than I realise. This made the rejection a little less harsh!

Anyway, I don’t think I will be rushing to apply for the 2009 schemes, I’m going to focus more on the back door!


Hey there! Let me introduce myself…

I am a very friendly, happy-go-lucky kind of girl and love interacting with and meeting new people. Being brought up in the welsh countryside, I am very much a country bumpkin and am at my happiest when exploring the great outdoors. I have a ‘get up and go’ attitude towards life and relish a good challenge. I love music, films, galleries, museums and am known to enjoy the odd beer!

If my friends were to describe me in three words I believe that they would be; outgoing, smiley and loyal.

My all time favourite song: Joy Division Love will tear us apart
My all time favourite film (if pushed to name one!): True Romance
My favourite book (to date): Margaret Atwood ‘Handmaids Tale’


- Tea and cake
- Folk music
- Wildlife programmes
- Sunflowers
- Street Art
- Europe
- Running
- Hats and scarves
- Period dramas
- The beach

10 Dislikes:

- Rain
- People that spit (with no good reason)
- Horror films
- Chat shows
- Wasps
- Fizzy drinks
- Size zero
- Sambucca (a complex, love-hate relationship!)
- Trance music
- People that are too big for their boots.