Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bad media fit.

Being the advertising geek that I am I couldn't help noticing the Big Yellow Storage panel ads whilst watching the England v France match today (very well played by the way). I found this choice of medium to be a bit of a strange and ineffective choice for Big Yellow Storage. I just don't see how the brand and the service that they offer fit with the placement. I'm confident that not many of the rugby goers would have been in the frame of mind where they were open to comms from a storage company. Its such a specific service, surely their money would have been better spent targeting audiences in an environment where they are likely to be more responsive e.g. the ideal home show.

This reminds me of a Rory Sutherland talk I attended where he spoke at length about the importance of context. Identifying when to target someone is just as crucial as identifying who it is your talking to. Your communications will surely be more effective if your talking to someone when they actually care about what your saying.

Personally I think that to profit from mediums such as rugby and football panels you need to be a big, strong and well established brand such as O2, Nike or Coca Cola. The fans are there to watch the sport, they're not really going to take in any complex messages. With a brand such as O2 you can simply have the logo and campaign line and that is enough for them to have a significant presence during the match, I just don't think this applies to a brand such as Big Yellow Storage.

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Chris said...

Hi Laura,

I work at Big Yellow Self Storage's PR agency Splendid Communications.

It's always a pleasure to hear thoughts on their advertising campaigns.

I'm sorry to hear that you felt arena advertising in the Twickenham stadium is as you put it a "strange and ineffective choice for Big Yellow Storage".

To clarify, this placement in particular was implemented to highlight the launch of Big Yellow Self Storage's new Twickenham facility and various London facilities in a high traffic area comprismed of a high proportion of residents that are located within an ideal radius of their new facility.

For Big Yellow Self Storage in this instance, it is a case of distributing the right message at the right place to the right people at the right time, a perfect fit within their eyes.

Big Yellow Self Storage targets audiences locally to their stores to ensure lower wastage when planning campaigns as location is a high priority consideration when effectively promoting regional branches as you know.

I hope I've been able to shed some light on the issue of context that you have raised.

Thanks for thinking of Big Yellow Self Storage and congratulations on recently completing your MA in Creative Advertising