Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Racist milk (yep, its as stupid as it sounds!)

I do sometimes wonder what kind of person it takes to make the time and effort to complain (ridiculously) about an ad. Don't get me wrong, some ads do overstep the mark and are rightly banned. I can also understand why some react so passionately about shock type ads concerning sensitive issues...what I CAN'T understand is why on earth someone would seriously make a complaint about a milk ad for apparently being racist! The adverts message is made clear enough...purification, i.e. the milk is filtered. The cow is not symbollic of a person and they are not suggesting that to be pure you have to be white...seriously! Mountain, molehill?!

Thank goodness the ASA recognised the ludicrousy of the complaint and have cleared the ad of breaching any codes. I suggest that the complainants in question find a hobby...attend a yoga class...

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