Monday, 1 June 2009

Blog neglect

I can only appologise for my serious neglect of blogging activity over the last month...if it makes you feel happier, I have not been on holiday, in fact I have been on placement at TBWA in Manchester. This meant relocating to a shared house with no internet facilities for four whole weeks!

How on earth did I ever manage without the internet? I honestly believe I was suffering from some sort of withdrawal, like I had lost a limb. Does this make me a sad internet geek that needs to get a grip on reality and think about possibly getting a life? I hope not.

Anyway, I now reside back in sunny Wales with a relatively fast (as fast as the valleys will allow) internet connection and will resume normal blogging duties. In fact with my lack of internet I have resorted to jotting lots of ideas/rants in my journal and will update my blog with any content deemed interesting/entertaining very shortly.

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