Sunday, 1 March 2009

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!

...or happy Saint David's day to those of you that don't understand Welsh!

I felt it my duty to post something on my country's patron saint, however due to serious levels of sleepyness as a result of a friends birthday last night, I will keep this short and sweet!

So, for the most of us ('us' being fellow Welsh countrymen and women) the day consists of donning our daffodils (girls) and leeks (boys), eating Cawl (Welsh national dish), singing a song or two, and more than likely drinking a beer or two (ironically, something which Dewi Sant would have frowned heavily upon!)

For those of you interested in the history I suggest you visit I recommend a goosey gander at the national costume, something which caused me much discomfort as a child!

Thats as much as my brain can currently withstand I'm afraid, so I must bid you farewell and a very happy St Davids day of course!

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