Monday, 2 March 2009

Most loved and most hated ad of the week

Most Loved...

What a great ad! Okay, creative content is not exactly revolutionary (although great choice of soundtrack!) but the sheer power that the brand will have exerted if they actually managed to get consumers to follow their advert across three TV channels is phenomenal. I am guessing that they will have found a way to track ratings on the channels in question to ascertain the effectiveness of the ads...I can't wait to see the results.

If this series of ads does prove to be a success it will have achieved something truly great. Never before have I seen a TV ad where consumers/viewers can actively engage and participate. Something that all advertisers are striving for is to get their consumers actively engaging with the brand and seeking out communications rather than blocking them out, however this is ordinarily only possible with the Internet.

I do hope that others don't jump on the 'synchronised' bandwagon as the whole notion of following an advert across channels will surely lose its appeal pretty quickly.

Most hated...

To say that I hate these ads would be the wrong choice of words...I actually really love the art direction and copy, but what exactly is the strategy here? And do we really believe that these pretty posters are going to have any impact on how people drive their cars? I think not.

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